About Us


Greeners Action (Original name: Green Student Council) is a local registered charitable environmental group. It was established in August 1993, it was mainly formed by a voluntary group, was comprised of university students and young professionals from different sectors.

Greeners Action aims to engage the public to promote the environmental messages, and focus on the social environmental issues. We were a group of secondary school students that participated in a training programme called “Green Hope Programme”, organised by Friends of the Earth (HK). We were deeply touched by the beauty of nature, more importantly, we met up a group of friends also share the same vision to strive to protect the environment. With the encouragement by Friends of the Earth (HK). It promotes green messages and concerns about environmental issues.

The aim to establish the group is not only maintain the friendships with the campers, but also carry on to spread the green messages and exchange the environmental ideas and practices with the students from mainland China. Regarding to the maintain the bonding with members, we regularly hold the different green activities, such as hiking, visitation, regular meetings, green feast, camping, etc. Throughout those activities we can meet up regularly, it also provide a platform for us to learn how to appreciate and care for the nature and exchange experience on environmental protection.

For spreading the green messages, we have been to Guangzhou, Foshan and Shanghai for exchange with the local students, we also assisted Friends of the Earth to organise “Green Hope Programme”.

Over 20 years, Greeners Action has successfully promoted the plastics bag levy, environment lunch program, Lai See Reuse & Recycle Program, etc. We will make an all-out effort to promote green living style, especially on waste reduction, plastics pollution and food waste issues, through policy advocacy and public environmental education, in order to take Hong Kong into a new green era.